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== Apps to look at… ==

[[https://chocolatey.org/|Chocolatey]]: CLI package manager for Windows.

[[https://github.com/cmderdev/cmder|Cmder]]: Console emulator (i.e. alternative to cmd.exe) that doesn't suck

Apps to look at…

Chocolatey: CLI package manager for Windows.

Cmder: Console emulator (i.e. alternative to cmd.exe) that doesn't suck


Selecting different HAL during installation

A different HAL (e.g. Standard HAL instead of ACPI HAL) can be chosen on installation by hitting F5 during the Press F6 if you need to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver message.


Active Directory

# Force Group Policy Object update on a client machine:

File management

# Recursive directory removal
rmdir /s /q [directory]

# Remove desktop.ini files from a directory structure
FOR /f %G in ('dir /b') do attrib %G\desktop.ini -h -s
FOR /f %G in ('dir /b') do del %G\desktop.ini


# Display an energy efficiency report (Windows 7)
powercfg /energy


Run application with administrative privileges

Ctrl+Shift+Enter when clicking on a shortcut will launch an application with administrative privileges. Works on Windows Vista and above. Usually brings up a User Account Protection (UAP) dialog.


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