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Sent from my mobile. Please excuse my brevity and typos. Sent from my mobile. Please excuse brevity and typos.

Applications I use

A more up-to-date list of Android applications on my phone is over on AppBrain.com.

Android 2.0 and above (and their respective Cyanogen ports) replace the Android's original 2D Gallery application with a fancy one (known as Gallery 3D) with whiz-bang 3D graphics.

Unfortunately, it's painfully slow on devices like the T-Mobile G1 (aka HTC Dream) and T-Mobile MyTouch 3G (aka HTC Sapphire/Magic). However, if you've rooted your phone, you can remove the 3D version of the app and replace it with the 2D one, which is significantly faster.

   1 adb remount
   2 adb shell rm /system/app/Gallery3D.apk
   3 adb push Gallery.apk /system/app/

Download the 2D version of Gallery: Gallery.apk

Mobile e-mail signature

Samat K Jain <http://samat.org/> | GPG: 0x4A456FBA

Sent from my mobile. Please excuse brevity and typos.

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