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 * [[https://www.fogcitygothic.com/|Fog City Gothic]]. Based on old San Francisco street signs.
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See also MonospacedFonts




Used on ThinkPad T530, Shimian 2560x1440s.

In /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf, under [SeatDefaults]: add "-dpi 86" after xserver-command.


layout.css.devPixelsPerPx setting:

  • for 120 dpi: 1.45

Around the web/elsewhere

Serif fonts



See also MonospacedFonts


  • Rubbish: Font based on letters on trash cans

Configuration changes

  • ttf-droid font package is deprecated; find latest version and put into fonts repository.
  • "Droid Sans Mono" no longer distributed with ttf-droid; find latest version and put into fonts repository. Change fontconfig configuration to include "Noto Mono" which is modern replacement for "Droid Sans Mono".

OpenType variable fonts

gallery of variable fonts: https://v-fonts.com

Proprietary stuff:

Printed/Typeset documents

  • Palatino Light, Palatino Pro Light: Serif font used by sfplanning.org notice.

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