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[[https://www.talospace.com/2019/06/a-semi-review-of-raptor-blackbird.html|A semi-review of the Raptor Blackbird POWER9]] from Talospace.

[[https://www.reddit.com/r/libreboot/comments/6tww22/talos_ii_secure_workstation_from_raptor/|TALOS II Secure Workstation, from Raptor Engineering]] [reddit]. 15 Aug 2017.

[[https://www.fitzsim.org/blog/?p=350|An excellent machine]]. 2 Oct 2018.

[[https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20749369|I own a Talos II]]: HN thread

[[https://drewdevault.com/2019/09/23/RaptorCS-Blackbird-a-horror-story.html|RaptorCS Power9 Blackbird PC: An expensive mistake]]. 23 Sept 2019. [[https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=21049093|HN thread]].


Notes about IBM/OpenPower's Power9 CPUs.



Interesting ones:

  • 02CY771: 12c, 48t, 105W. 2.2/3.8 GHz base/boost. Can find on eBay, Newegg, etc.
  • 02CY089: 8c, 32t. 160W, 3.5/3.8GHz base/boost. Likely the same as Raptor Computing Systems BK1B02.



See Raptor Computing Systems BKMB1. There is a Blackbird II, but differences appear to be cooling-related only, and only sold as a component of the Blackbird Secure Desktop.


See this memory compatibility list.

Samsung M393A4K40BB1-CRC 32 GiB 2Rx4 modules supported (same as X10SDV).

Samsung M393A8K40B22-CWD appears to be the only 64 GiB modules supported.


Fractal Design Meshify C Mini (for µATX)






BMC serial: Supermicro CBL-0010L is also compatible and only$1.60 at their Website, but costs $10+ to ship from them or costs more everywhere else online. Used DB9M to IDC10 Serial DTK PORT, $6 total.


Improving performance of Phoronix benchmarks on POWER9

From Hacker News:

Review: Blackbird Secure Desktop – a fully open source modern POWER9 workstation without any proprietary code from OSnews

A semi-review of the Raptor Blackbird POWER9 from Talospace.

TALOS II Secure Workstation, from Raptor Engineering [reddit]. 15 Aug 2017.

An excellent machine. 2 Oct 2018.

I own a Talos II: HN thread

RaptorCS Power9 Blackbird PC: An expensive mistake. 23 Sept 2019. HN thread.


Every computer in the EU storing protected data is in breach of the GDPR if running on an Intel or AMD CPU.

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