How to Design, Test, and Build Business Models and Value Propositions (3 Jun 2015) — Benson Garner

Why do businesses fail? (1) Fail to continuously create new value for customers

"A business model expires like a yogurt in a fridge" - A Osterwald

(3) Fail to evolve proactively

Q&A Session w/ Blogging Expert Jamie Lewinger (11 May 2016)

How did you get your initial audience?

All about engagement. Want others to share your message w/ others.

What's your monetization model for your blog? From a fashion PoV, plenty of programs that will pay for exposure/etc.

Redbook deal: Won Real Women's Style contest, had nothing to do w/ blog.

When writing about someone/something, extend the courtesy to let people correct inaccurecies, make sure the message is correct, before publishing. Value blogger's time.

What are some important metrics? On Facebook, pay for boosting posts that are doing well.

How to find things to write about: follow Facebook and Twitter trends, write about what's trending today. I.e. If you can't find a topic, write about what everyone is talking about already.

Most important thing to do: be consistent. Pick a cadence and stick to it.

For her graphic-oriented blog, 6–7 strong photos. Very visual, Instagram-like experience.

If you're a business, talk about the business, the story, etc.

Q: What do you do about copyright infringement?

Q: Opinion on Google Ad's and adblockers blocking EVERYONE? What % of revenue is this?

Q: How important is it to have control or as direct a connection as possible to your audience?

Q: What's your opinion about social media companies co-opting blogging? Create content on Facebook, Quora, Medium instead of your own site? Any difference?

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