hubiC. Storage service from OVH. Provides apps, 10 TB for €50/year at max 10 Mbit/stream. OpenSwift-compatible API.

Wasabi: Amazon S3-like service, Glacier like pricing. Minimum 1 TB.

Backblaze B2. Amazon S3-like service.

Generic (across all services)

rclone: rsync for cloud storage. Used to work with Amazon Cloud Drive, but only works with some fiddling (not guaranteed to stay working). Workaround discussed in (source code at

Google Drive


skicka: Google Drive client for Linux provided by Google

Amazon Cloud Drive


Reddit thread

See for information on getting your client ID and secret.

Using UnionFS-FUSE with Amazon Cloud Drive encrypted files


multidrive: CLI program for uploading to Amazon Cloud Drive

acd_fuse: FUSE adapter for Amazon Cloud Drive

acd_cli: CLI and FUSE adapter for Amazon Cloud Drive

duplicity-acdcli: Plugin for duplicity to upload to Amazon Cloud Drive via acd_cli

Local Services

Minio: Minimal AWS S3 clone, written in Go.


kahing/goofys: Fast, s3fs-like FUSE layer over S3-compatible object stores.

kahing/catfs: Caching FUSE filesystem. Caches data only, not metadata access.

gaul/s3proxy: Proxy for clients expecting S3 to use a non-S3 store. Java.

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