Object storage


hubiC. Storage service from OVH. Provides apps, 10 TB for €50/year at max 10 Mbit/stream. OpenSwift-compatible API.

Wasabi: Amazon S3-like service, Glacier like pricing. Minimum 1 TB. Minimum lifetime of 90 days.

Backblaze B2. Amazon S3-like service.

Minio: Minimal AWS S3 clone, written in Go.

Storj DCS (née Tardigrade). S3-like service, decentralized.

Amazon S3

kahing/goofys: Fast, s3fs-like FUSE layer over S3-compatible object stores.

kahing/catfs: Caching FUSE filesystem. Caches data only, not metadata access.

gaul/s3proxy: Proxy for clients expecting S3 to use a non-S3 store. Java.

Strong consistency:

Generic (across all services)

rclone: rsync for cloud storage. Used to work with Amazon Cloud Drive, but only works with some fiddling (not guaranteed to stay working). Workaround discussed in https://forum.rclone.org/t/proxy-for-amazon-cloud-drive/2848 (source code at https://github.com/ncw/oauthproxy).

Google Drive


skicka: Google Drive client for Linux provided by Google

Amazon Cloud Drive


Reddit thread

See https://developer.amazon.com/public/apis/experience/cloud-drive/content/getting-started for information on getting your client ID and secret.

Using UnionFS-FUSE with Amazon Cloud Drive encrypted files


multidrive: CLI program for uploading to Amazon Cloud Drive

acd_fuse: FUSE adapter for Amazon Cloud Drive

acd_cli: CLI and FUSE adapter for Amazon Cloud Drive

duplicity-acdcli: Plugin for duplicity to upload to Amazon Cloud Drive via acd_cli

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