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C++ style guides

`const` correctness


ClangFormat: auto-formats C++ code

Static analysis tools

clang-tidy -checks='*' *.cpp -- -std=c++11

# Highest severity warnings only (i.e. memory leaks, etc)
cppcheck --enable=all *.cpp
# Everything except style-related linting
cppcheck --enable=warning,performance,portability,information,missingInclude \
         --std=c++11 --library=std.cfg --verbose --quiet \

Overview articles:

Thread safety analysis (TSA)


Example projects:

Lifetime safety analysis

Stuff I never remember

Unnecessary copies w/ `auto`

Beware unncessary copies w/ auto; default semantics is to make a copy.

// Typically there's no reason to copy.
for (const auto &Val : Container) { observe(Val); }
for (auto &Val : Container) { Val.change(); }

// Remove the reference if you really want a new copy.
for (auto Val : Container) { Val.change(); saveSomewhere(Val); }

// Copy pointers, but make it clear that they're pointers.
for (const auto *Ptr : Container) { observe(*Ptr); }
for (auto *Ptr : Container) { Ptr->change(); }

For iterating over maps:

// Nothing changed
for (const auto& [key, value]: some_map) { observ(value); }
for (auto& [key, value]: some_map) { value.change(); }

Don't evaluate `end()` in loops

// BAD
BasicBlock *BB = ...
for (BasicBlock::iterator I = BB->begin(); I != BB->end(); ++I)
  // ... use I ...

// GOOD (unless you are mutating BB; use the above loop if you are, and document you are doing so)
BasicBlock *BB = ...
for (BasicBlock::iterator I = BB->begin(), E = BB->end(); I != E; ++I)
  // ... use I ...


Use `const` iterators if not mutating a structure

Expanding on the above:

BasicBlock *BB = ...
for (BasicBlock::const_iterator I = BB->cbegin(), E = BB->cend(); I != E; ++I)
  // ... use I ...


Dynamic loading of DLL/DSOs

Example of loading OpenCL dynamically. Uses a Python parser script to create special header file with defines that map both functions and does appropriate type conversion.

Boost.DLL: Boost library for easily loading DLLs (e.g. for plugins). Cross platform, but requires runtime libraryes boost_system (integrated into C++11?) and boost_filesystem (integrated into C++17). Class for dynamically loading classes (Linux only)

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