Samat's cryptographic keys

I am an avid user and advocate of public key cryptography. On this page you can find information about my various public keys.

Yes, while these keys are on a Wiki page, I am the only one who can edit this page (and in practice, am the only one who edits anything on this Wiki).


My current OpenPGP key (ID: 0x4A456FBA) has the following information (e-mail addresses have been obfuscated):

sec   4096R/4A456FBA 2009-05-08 [expires: 2017-01-01]
      Key fingerprint = E95D 7465 5B35 C5F6 B3B6  68CC 20C6 F0A6 4A45 6FBA
uid                  Samat K Jain <>
uid                  Samat K Jain <>
uid                  Samat K Jain <>
uid                  Samat K Jain <>
ssb   4096R/8D18D72F 2009-05-15

You can download my current key or fetch my current key via public key server. I'm on Keybase.IO.

I have an older key (ID: 0x1A1993D3) that expired in 2011. While still in my control and unrevoked, it's based upon 1024-bit DSA and SHA-160 whose long-term security is dubious. You can still download my old key and fetch the old key from a public key server, but please use the newer one mentioned above.

I'd be happy to sign your key with mine, but take note I follow mainstream keysigning guidelines.

Signal (née TextSecure)

If you have my phone number (no, you won't find it on this page), my key's fingerprint for Signal (available on Android and iOS) is: Signal changes key fingerprints frequently, so the below is out of date.

05 33 fe 67 33 e3 8b c2 fc 00 84 5b 94 fc cf 7c 43 c2 a1 2a cc 44 79 7e 35 6c 0f 74 da 72 28 8a 7c

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