Get your loved ones off Facebook. Facebook sells data, intercepts communication, controls visibility via filtering/the newsfeed,

Data retention

Sep 28, 2011. A List of Creepy Things Facebook Will Remember Forever. Europeans can ask Facebook for a dossier of all the information it collects about them. Some of the things kept you'd never expect.


Dec 11, 2009. Facebook's new privacy policy exposes Mark Zuckerburg's (Facebook CEO) private photos, which he later redacts, while the entire time acting as if them being public was the original intention. He himself does not understand his own privacy controls.

Dec 12, 2009. Patrick Byrne (Overstock.com CEO) has an organization that harvests Overstock/Byrne critics' friends list from Facebook, which are presumably used for later harassment. Source: How Patrick Byrne Stalked Critics and the Media on Facebook and Overstock.com and Patrick Byrne Have an Enemies List That Includes Friends and Family Members of Critics.

Politics and Election Scandals

Jul 29, 2021. She risked everything to expose Facebook. Now she’s telling her story.

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