Supplementation Page

Supplementation pages are just an additional pages that can be associated to your normal wiki pages by a link in the theme.

One usage of this feature is to have one "discussion page" additionally to each of your wiki pages. Then each wiki page will have a link to the "discussion page" by default.

Configuration by the wiki admin

A wiki administrator can choose to enable this feature for all pages by putting this into wikiconfig:

    supplementation_page = True  # default is False

The name of the supplementation page and the template used for these pages can be set like this:

    supplementation_page_name = u'Discussion'  # this is the default
    supplementation_page_template = u'DiscussionTemplate'  # this is the default

Control by the wiki user

A wiki user can control if he likes to have the supplementation feature on a per-page basis by using a processing instruction at the top of the page content:

#pragma supplementation-page on

Usage with off disables the feature on that page.

Hints for using supplementation pages

There is also another, quite different "commenting feature" described on HelpOnComments.