The dictionary markup can be used to store key-value pairs like in a dictionary or glossary. It uses definition lists (see HelpOnLists). A dictionary page used by the system has to have a name ending with Dict (see page_dict_regex on the page HelpOnConfiguration).

Dictionaries can be either shared or private (only you have read access to them under your homepage).

How does it look?

This is an example:


And it looks like this in the page source:

 var1:: value1
 var2:: value2
 var3:: value3

See also HelpOnVariables

Dictionaries for translations

Dictionaries can be used to translate user-specified words with auto-substitution1. If you want to use that a dictionary has to be named in the form LanguageDict (examples: GermanDict, FrenchDict, SpanishDict, etc.).

  1. this is an alternative for the distributed PO-Files, which are used instead in MoinMaster wiki (1)