Notes, etc about the PFU/Fujitsu Happy Hacking Keyboard (aka HHKB).


geekhack thread on the HHKB Professional BT.

Product page for the HHKB Professional BT.

Bluetooth model manual

Bluetooth Pairing

To pair:

  1. Press power button. LED will light up blue once, and then turn off.
  2. Hold down Fn, then Q. Will enter pairing/device switch mode. Slow blue blink.
  3. Hold down Fn, Control, and then slot number (from below). Fast blue blink.


  1. nu (doesn't work well, bad signal)
  2. Splunk X1E laptop
  3. Unset
  4. 2017 iPad Pro

HHKB Pro 3 Hybrid

  1. Unset
  2. Unset
  3. Unset
  4. Unset

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