Interesting licenses

The CRAPL: An academic-strength open source license. Open-source license to encourage academics to release low-quality source code.

Distribution of GPLv2-licensed FOSS via BitTorrent violates the GPLv2

The FSF's GPL FAQ indirectly states that there may be a GPLv2 violation for distributing GPLv2-licensed works through BitTorrent. Directly says these issues are unambiguously addressed in the GPLv3.

A comments document from the GPLv3 development process discusses the possible GPLv2 violation regarding BitTorrent, and the need to unambiguously address it in the GPLv3.

In April 2010, Lawyer fines user €700 distributing Linux ISOs via BitTorrent, as user is not fulfilling terms of the GPLv2 and thus committing a copyright violation. The Debian project later posted a press release that this particular C&D order was a prank.

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