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== Things to add to hike template == == Hike description template ==

=== Things to add ===
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== Meeting locations == === Meeting locations ===
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* Achenbach Canyon Trailhead  * Achenbach Canyon Trailhead
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=== Tips & tricks ===

 * [[http://blog.rei.com/camp/22-camp-hacks-from-rei-experts/?cm_mmc=sm_tw-_-Blog-_-camp+hacks&sf41353729=1|22 camping hacks from REI experts]]

Hike description template

Things to add

Meeting locations

  • Achenbach Canyon Trailhead

Frequently Asked Questions

Are children allowed on the hike? Is there an age cut off?

Yes, they are your responsibility.

We've had children as young as 3 climb 12k foot mountains.

How does the group work? What does the meeting time and meeting place mean?

Go by individual cars, carpool to destination/trailhead.


web services - API to get weather based on longitude and latitude coordinates - Stack Overflow

Example URLs:

In the JSON output, location/zone contains the zone for fetching weather for a zone:


XML output:

Backpacking equipment checklist

Required minimum

  • Sleeping bag (rated 20°F or higher. you may need 0°F or higher)
  • Sleeping pad
  • Spoon
  • Food: either high-calorie meal-replacement bars, soup, or freeze-dried meals (e.g. Mountain House or Backpacker's Pantry brands) are good for dinner/etc.
  • Clothes: towards the warmer side, at least 3 sets. 2 that you will carry—you should not sleep in clothes you were hiking in, and should alternate. 1 set to keep in the car for the ride home (we don't want to smell you). Can use extra clothes as a pillow when sleeping. Check weather report to see. Clothes should include extra socks, a jacket, etc. Preferably clothes that dry quickly (no jeans/cotton!)
  • Water bottles enough to hold 1 day's drinking water and for meals
  • Headlamp/flashlight
  • Backpack: large enough to hold everything you're carrying, probably 35–45L. Backpack should weigh no more than ¼ your weight, and absolutely no more than ⅓ your weight (i.e. w/ water can weigh ⅓ your weight, but should be ¼ your weight or less without water)


  • Instant heat pouch iron salt hand/body warmers: useful when freezing in the morning or when sleeping to help warm up. In hunting section at Walmart
  • Tent: usually will have no problem rooming w/ someone else. Tent is the kind of thing that will take you over the

Stuff you can borrow

  • Stove + fuel: may want to buy your own fuel and carry as a backup.
  • Water pump/filter

Tips & tricks

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