McKittrick Canyon is known as the most beautiful place in Texas during the fall. Last year, we tried to do it but were met with a full parking lot with several hour wait. Blah blah.

DISTANCE is ~15 mi round-trip, out and back or loop.

ELEVATION GAIN is ~5500 ft gained. May be more because of ups/downs.

FEES: None. Of course, if you carpool, please compensate your driver for gas!

DURATION: All day. All weekend. Finish by early afternoon.

PET FRIENDLY? Yes. Bring a muzzle (you shouldn't need be told to bring a leash).

SKILL LEVEL is NOT beginner friendly. No whiners!

TERRAIN includes inches-deep streams, rock wall climbing, climbing from high desert to alpine forest to exposed mountain tundra. Please bring appropriate gear.

WEATHER may include thunderstorms. Will be cold & windy on ridgeline.

AFTERWARDS we may stop by Pepper Pot (Hatch, NM). Cash only.

MEET for carpool at:

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