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At Pi-Fi, we think children are spending too much time online. Parents have enough stuff to worry about—worrying about whether their children spend too much time online shouldn’t be one of them. We want to make parent’s lives easier by letting them manage when, and for how long, their children are online, across all of their devices. Not only do we empower parents, we empower kids too: they can earn more time online by doing the stuff their parents want: activities range from those academic, like math or vocab practice, to those that foster creativity, like creative writing, to those that imbibe values, like Bible study. We want parents lives to be easier, and make it a little easier to influence their children’s lives.

Tech Cocktails

*groan groan*

You've been seeing a lot of zombies lately, but they're not wearing masks like me. They're faces are blank & expressionless… they come home from school and sit in front of a screen all day.

If you're a parent, you know what I mean. Our kids are spending too much time online—they're missing out on life.

At Pi-Fi, we want to make parents' lives easier by letting them manage when and for how long their kids are online.

We let you set real-world parenting constraints, like letting your kids only use the Internet for an hour a day. We keep track of your Internet's usage across all of your kids devices.

Not only do we empower parents, we empower kids. We don't just cut them off—kids can earn more time online by doing the things you want. Practice math problems, vocabulary, or creative writing to earn more time.

We makeparents' lives easier. We let parents have more influence over their children's lives. We help parents feel like the good guy, if even for just a moment.

CALL TO ACTION: we're looking for parents to join our beta program at, parents who don't want their kids to be zombies.



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