BIOS updates

The Supermicro website does not list older BIOSes. It also does not list what has changed within newer BIOS releases, though Supermicro's support is fairly forthcoming with the information.

A list of BIOSes I have collected, and their changelogs:


Download v1.1b. MD5: 03e4a13d37188f1c31ff0c8ad980f594

  1. Fix a FAN control malfunction problem after AC loss.
  2. Enable workstation, quiet, super quiet fan control mode for 4-pin fan only for revision 3.1 board.
  3. Change revision to 1.1b.
  4. Pass BIOS CHECK 4.0.0

1.1c (10/28/2008)

Download v1.1c. MD5: c5d7703c59013ecb719aedbf72b4c838

  1. Change FAN control by using FANOUT1 and FANOU2 instead of FANOUT2 and FANOUT3 according to hardware
  2. Change revision to 1.1C

BIOS options

Some important BIOS options I use:

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